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An arabian goddess who dances beautifully
Look at how Kylah she is dancing!
Beküldő: steve _10101 2009. április 18.
Is Funny, Has A Good Sense of Style. Loves To Shop, And Sings All The Time! Has pretty hair and one of the sweetest, funniest girls you'll ever meet. Is a very good dancer
Kylah is cool
Beküldő: IUHFOI 2011. április 12.
a very easily distracted person with tousled hair. is the kind of person who will randomly break out in song and laughter. others are usually jealous of her hotness yet love her anyways.
1st student: hey whos the new girl with the tousled hair?
2nd student: im not sure, but shes pretty hot
1st student: yeah, youre right. im jealous.
2nd student: me too, she reminds me of a kylah.
Beküldő: THE DRAKE! 2009. július 7.