The Greatest Show Ever, Started At Haverhill High School. Founded by Mr. Toby Baharian. B we all love and miss you, please come home soon!
Joe: Yo you watch krunk last night?
Mike: Nah forgot when it was on
Joe: You Serious? Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 and 10
Beküldő: LBX2005 2003. július 12.
Hyped to the 5000th power.
I was cranked and krunck last night at the club.
Beküldő: HoneyBee18 2003. június 28.
derived from two words: crap and junk
My room is a heap of krunk
Beküldő: P.A.G 2003. június 12.
1. Cool/neat
2. whack/ totally not cool
1. dude dat bitch is KRUNK!!!
2. i dunno what you talkin 'bout dat shit is krunk
Beküldő: FOH-sure 2003. május 8.
doing some schoolwork while my homies are passed out.
tonight i'm gettin krunk with my accounting work
Beküldő: sweetpea"witmier" 2003. április 29.
a word that is so dirty no one evn knows what it means
muthuh krunker, krunk sucker, krunk hole, son of a krunk
Beküldő: bri-cat 2002. december 7.
A combination of the words chronic and "kava drunk". To be intoxicated from Cannabis sativa and Piper methysticum simultaneously.
She drank too much kava and smoked too much chronic and she was KRUNK.
Beküldő: KRUNK TAM 2006. március 6.
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