something that's going hard.
for instance, you're at a party and you're having a really good time. The party is Krunk.
Beküldő: oc tbabyt 2003. július 28.
The Greatest Show Ever, Started At Haverhill High School. Founded by Mr. Toby Baharian. B we all love and miss you, please come home soon!
Joe: Yo you watch krunk last night?
Mike: Nah forgot when it was on
Joe: You Serious? Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 and 10
Beküldő: LBX2005 2003. július 12.
Hyped to the 5000th power.
I was cranked and krunck last night at the club.
Beküldő: HoneyBee18 2003. június 28.
derived from two words: crap and junk
My room is a heap of krunk
Beküldő: P.A.G 2003. június 12.
1. Cool/neat
2. whack/ totally not cool
1. dude dat bitch is KRUNK!!!
2. i dunno what you talkin 'bout dat shit is krunk
Beküldő: FOH-sure 2003. május 8.
doing some schoolwork while my homies are passed out.
tonight i'm gettin krunk with my accounting work
Beküldő: sweetpea"witmier" 2003. április 29.
a word that is so dirty no one evn knows what it means
muthuh krunker, krunk sucker, krunk hole, son of a krunk
Beküldő: bri-cat 2002. december 7.
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