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Noun. Breasts so pendulous and saggy that they could be knees.
Michael's mom was fine when she was young, but now she's got a pair of knits.
Beküldő: Jojo Lemon 2005. május 8.
One who is seen as a fool and a "retard"
Oh thats Shane Moran, he's a knit.
Beküldő: Evan_The_Legend 2011. február 18.
A girl who is hot where it matters. i.e. between the KNees and tITs.
She isn't the cutest, but she's super knit!
Beküldő: halbey 2009. január 30.
code word for masturbation
Warren knits ALOT but he'll never admit to it.

Cathy: I knit a whole damn blanket last night.
Sam: HA I so beat you, I knit a blanket and a pillow case!
Cathy: DAMN... you win!!!
Beküldő: ~sami~ <3 2007. szeptember 12.
see also knit a sweater
It sounds backwards but I like to buy a new sweater then knit another one
Beküldő: Monkey Toker 2006. június 20.
To kill somebody, usually a square
Once I knitted a square
Beküldő: joe scrub 2007. január 21.