Chick that is bad ass beyond human explanation, and can whoop ass like kimbo.

Kittens can be used to describe a scummy chick with a big forehead who thinks they are the shit and steals peoples clay!
Holy shit Garth just got his ass whooped by that kitten!


Suck MY Dream KITTEN!
Beküldő: Seven Inches of Fury 2008. február 19.
What God kills whenever you masturbate
I like masturbating better than kittens. Sorry.
Beküldő: bbbbb 2005. július 8.
hidious disgusting creatures that piss everywhere.
Kittens are freaking disqusting as crap dude.
Beküldő: Desi Desi Desi 2005. június 8.
A Kitten refers to a quantatity of cannabis. Kittens tend to be 7.0 to 7.5 grams.
"How much are you selling that kitten for?"
Beküldő: Saif 2006. augusztus 25.
badass shoes
check out my new kittens
Beküldő: d 2004. május 1.
A female's privates. Usually used in rap songs, like in the female version of "Wait" by Jackie-O.
"I want you pet my kitten!" - Jackie-O
Beküldő: Sharell Belanfante 2005. augusztus 23.
The perfect rifle range target.
"why do kittens make such good targets?"

"because they are free"
Beküldő: bob 2005. február 26.

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