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1. A male who has nothing better to do with his time, then sit in the kitchen and gossip with his wife and her friends.
2. A male who gossips more than the average woman.
He is such a kitchen bitch.
Beküldő: Em J. 2005. február 15.
A groovy orgy, taking place in the kitchen, organized by horny, oversexed, nymphomaniac college girls. A kitchen bitch is often instigated on the spur of the moment during a social gathering, being initiated by an inspired individual by calling out the words, "kitchen bitch".
I was at this crazy party with a bunch of slutty drunk bizzos. Some drunk hoodrat screamed "Kitchen Bitch!" and proceeded to dry hump me, riding me like she was trying to win the Triple Crown. She began tearing off my clothes, exposing my throbbing member. Then, like gangbusters, every horny-ass bitch wanted to be a part of the kitchen bitch.
#menage a trois #orgy #threesome #family style #bacchanalia #gang bang #clusterfuck #gangbusters #hoodrat #bizzo #skank #hoe #slut #triple crown #dry hump
Beküldő: McSicko 2007. november 15.
A man who gossips like an old auntie or grandma who would partake in drinks and food while gathered in the kitchen
Old Jumbo talks too much . What that make him a kitchen bitch
#bitch #nigga #gossip #skirt with the dirt #wendy williams
Beküldő: Cand cand 2014. május 12.

Similar to tea bitch
"Kyle - clean the kitchen you kitchen b*tch!"
Beküldő: Ben Dover 2004. március 15.
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