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1- A Place in Cambodia/Democratic Kampuchea where Thousands of "New People" or "April 17" People met there deaths at the hand sof the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s

2 - The Forementioned except a place where Preps rather than innocent cambodians should go and be slaughtered
Preps need to be sent to Cheung Eek Killing Fields after there time in S-21 reeuducation camp
Beküldő: Brother Number One 2003. november 27.
39 4
a name for part of Oakland, also known as deep east Oakland. The name is used to rfelect the out of propretion of murders that happen in the neighbourhood.
Beküldő: fila 2003. április 7.
32 9
A word used for describing the deaths in Cambodia.
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. szeptember 11.
8 6
The portion of an online multiplayer first person shooter map where most players tend to gravitate to kill enemies and/or die.
Player 1: Where the hell is everyone on the other team?

Player 2: Let's head toward the killing fields, at least some of them will be there.
Beküldő: inkyrail450 2011. június 5.
2 2
the spot above your cock that holds all ur hair, a.k.a the "man bush"
i gots to go home and shave my killingfield tonight before i go out with her
Beküldő: c massich 2008. június 20.
0 0
description of a really pissed off grassy knoll.
jesus christ!!! get in the pond, there's a kiling field on the loose!!!
Beküldő: jimro & dale 2004. október 18.
2 12
Something everyone in the Gutter has thought about...killing matt fields
Yo, after he got tunnel vision, fields told everyone he passed out. now everyone thinks about killing fields
Beküldő: Mr. Fields 2005. április 29.
7 18