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Usually a bearded, middle aged gentleman, who hides in park bushes and hangs around schools and playgrounds.
Sometimes wears a trenchcoat and nothing else underneath.
"So.....trick or treating eh?......I have lots of sweets inside."
Beküldő: Kurt Malton 2004. május 18.
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One who likes touch and fiddle with unclothed, smooth, prepubescent, genitalia.
When I was a young boy my uncle, the renowned kiddy fiddler, pulled my pants down and fondled my unit.
Beküldő: Timothy Tool 2004. november 8.
a sick person who touches kids. they do stuff to children, unnatural stuff.
My dad is a kiddy fiddler. He should be put in jail.
#kids #wrong #child #nasty #gross
Beküldő: sonni vitalle 2008. január 13.
Child Rapist
Beküldő: Benton 2003. március 23.
Someone who touches children and is an abomination
Olly8092 is a Kiddy Fiddler
#pedo #kiddy #fiddler #touching #olly
Beküldő: Anonymus1996 2014. december 31.
Some one who plays with kids while playing the fiddle
do da dum do da dum do da dum
Beküldő: Phil Macrackin 2003. március 25.
catholic priest
"hello alter boys, how would you like to see a first class kiddy fiddler in action?" said the catholic priest
Beküldő: Maxwell Allwood 2003. október 24.
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