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1. shoes
2. Doing something for fun
hey bro nice kicks u got there

hey u wanna smoke this bowl for kicks?
Beküldő: djnick 2003. november 6.
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To use your foot as an implement of destruction.
Beküldő: Dude 2000 2003. október 8.
To hang out with someone.
"Im gonna kick it with Jenny."
Beküldő: Punkhead 2005. május 25.
New Shoes that are ill. See example below
Sam: Obviously you are obliviouse to the spectation of my newest shoes, in the hood they would call these "kicks".

Bob: That is correct my hip gangster from Harvard. "You are off the chain", so to speak.Those are the "tightest kicks i have ever seen". For shezzy My Neezy
Beküldő: Sanchez 2004. április 26.
1. a habit or tendency

2. to break or cease said habit or tendency

3. a noticeable effect
1. "I've been on this stogie kick ever since I discovered scotch whiskey!"

2. "Kicking the smoking habit would be a lot easier if it wasn't for these damn nic fits!"

3. "I gotta say...these jalapeno-covered tabasco-doused enchiladas sure have a kick to them!"
#habit #addiction #cutoff #nick fit #smash #umph
Beküldő: Hipster 2006. július 3.
Look at those nice kicks
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. november 7.
Shoes, footwear
Apparently you fail to comprehend the awesomeness of my kicks. For, when I wear them you are nothing but an infidel. I shall begin to C-walk!
Beküldő: Berticus 2003. november 5.
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