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Lesser known character from the Star Wars saga. Android cousin of C3P-O whose primary skill is the playing of music from portable processing units. Also know as MP3-EO.
Oh Master Luke. It's Dreadful! That Kehdog Unit we pick up on Daghoba is stuck on Afroman again and I haven't had a moments rest!
Beküldő: Sydeny Red Sox 2004. május 13.
3 3
The individual single-handedly responsible for making it a bad idea to buy a former rental car.
Dude, remember that event out on the Delmarva Peninsula when Kehndog totally took us off-roading in the Buick LeSabre?
Beküldő: jicket 2004. április 27.
12 2
one part Sambucca, one part Guinness, and one part King Cobra neither shaken nor stirred but repeated frequently
Delmarva...the state that occurs when your brain is on Kehndog.
Beküldő: Sewboxers 2004. április 27.
4 0
v. to consume something (or someone) uncontrollably fast (from the noun Kehndog - a person who is incapable of sipping or nibbling on anything)
I offered Kehndog a pull off my 40, and he Kehndogged the whole f**kin thing.
The dated briefly after they met at Stuckey's, but then, as always, he kehndogged the shit out of her.
Beküldő: nyhambone 2004. május 13.
3 0
Ass-poor driving skillz
Be drivin' like a kehndog, bitch!
Beküldő: Smelvis 2004. április 27.
4 2
n. KEEN-dawg - a person known for his/her amazing driving skills

adj. KEEN-dawg - excellent, fabulous, incredible, amazing
n. "Man, went we went offroad, he was a total kehndog behind the wheel."

adj. "Hey ... that dude sure is a kehndog driver"
Beküldő: whodatbe 2004. május 14.
1 0
(adj.) Relating to or describing very cryptic pronounciations over the telephone.
"Yes, that's right. The H is silent, as in kehndog."
Beküldő: Rupert 2004. május 14.
1 0
A person that thinks is a good idea to toilet paper every thing at a hotel where we are the only guests at
Maryland? Delmarva? Aspen Wye Inn?
Beküldő: Robert 2004. április 27.
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