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The act of accidentally biting off the head of a man's penis while giving a blow job because she farted and had to say "Excuse me."
"I am at the hospital getting my dick reattached because last night some girl gave me a Katie!"
Beküldő: Izzy Chloe 2009. július 5.
Short for Catherine, or Katherine.

Empress of Russia.

The Egyptain goddess of CATS.

And currently the BFFizzle of Jacqueline. Not JacKLYN, you assholes.

Also a city in Alabama, zip code 36728.
Katie and Jackie BFFF FO LYFFF!!!!
Beküldő: Jackie T 2006. június 24.
1.a common name, short for katharine or kaitlyn

2.a girl who is usually pretty and nice but a fake bipolar bitch a the same time
Katie is bipolar but i love her.
Beküldő: ABabe 2009. február 13.
known for the round rims, a crazy bitch
katie go home youve had enough
Beküldő: 1jk1 2008. október 24.
A hand job in a public place
Damnimhot will never get a katie in his life.
Wow! My girlfriend gave me an amazing katie last night.
Beküldő: paul smith of NY 2008. február 20.
A backstabbing bitch who's pathetically jealous and flashes her pasty white, cellulite ass and beer belly thinking shes hot.
"Who the fuck is that gross bitch?"
"thats Katie"
Beküldő: MilkXOXOXO 2010. január 27.
verb 'to katie': to make a strange exhaling noise while backing into foliage.
Person A: Bruv, where's Tina?
Person B: I dunno bruv, she just katied.
Person A: She ain't comin back.
Person B: I lie.
Beküldő: mixymik89 2008. július 10.