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Term refering to one's pleasure related to a subject.

See Example.
John gets his jollies by watching small ants.
Beküldő: larstait 2003. október 12.
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A day out from work, ostensibly on some kind of work-based mission but actually just going for a laugh.
We went to the National Gallery to do some research - that was nice little jolly!
Beküldő: Ian Chode 2003. április 2.
All-round nice guy whom everyone loves.
Jolly owns !
Beküldő: Jolly 2003. március 26.
(noun) Sexual Gratification from any given source or cause.
"I got my jollies last night"
Beküldő: Spyder Edwards 2004. december 6.
Pleasure. The act of enjoying something, or engaging in a pleasent experience. Similar to getting off.
I get my jollies from watching two chicks get it on!
Beküldő: Webster 2003. március 29.
Getting your Jolly is like feeling a high sense of satisfaction and happiness. Its a good feeling of accomplishment and needs to be done more often.
I got my Jolly Off Today at the Mountain.
Say you haven't been boarding in a while. Then you cruise up to the mountain and its all fresh powder, nice day and such.
You have just gotten Your Jolly Off,
#jolly #getting #happy #satisfaction #stoaked
Beküldő: Ben Monen 2008. március 2.
to be overly excited, due to intoxication. Being tipsy, but happy as fuck suffices as being jolly as well.
Gettin' jolly off that alcoholly!!
#daft #crunk #tipsy #hammered #shittered
Beküldő: Flyest_Bee_You'll_Ever_Know 2009. november 30.
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