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1. A visible stain left by semen on an object
2. An insult for an undesirable person
1. Jessica had a jizz stain on her dress
2. Anthony is such a jizz stain
Beküldő: ferty20 2005. október 19.
45 23
When a guy jacks off and gets semen on a stain-able surface, such as leather or shirt material.
Dude I totally had a jizz stain on my pants today at school and I didn't even notice.
Beküldő: Brony69 2011. november 28.
7 1
A rare mishap in which the child's father is having sexually relations with another man as the child walks in. The semen then shoots and lands perfectly on the child's hair marking him for life. It is a commonly known source for embarrassment and bullying among school and friends. Most inflicted with this unfortunate incident should and do turn to suicide.

Also known as a "Joe Crowther"
Oh thats Joe Crowther, its some kinda jizzstain or something
Beküldő: 14400peoople221 2011. június 2.
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