A Japanese person who acts black
man that is one crazy ass jigga
Beküldő: JiGGa MaN 2003. június 21.
Someone of asian decent that acts black or "ghetto"
"wazup ma asian Jigga!"
Beküldő: UR MOM 2003. február 19.
knife, blade, razor, something sharp
Pass me a jigga so I can open up this blunt.
Beküldő: Joseph Seldin 2006. június 6.
a japanese person who thinks there black and pretty darn gangsta. but really there just a wanna-be
Your not a gangsta, take your jigga self back to japan and make some fucking video games!
Beküldő: nickstaaaaaaaa 2006. április 3.
A measuring tool for shots used by Bartenders
First pour your gin into a jigga(jigger)to measure out the appropriate amount of alcohol to mix a dirty martini.
Beküldő: Shocka Zoe 2005. június 23.
Noun. A person that is of the Jewish faith, and is also a "wigger". A person that follows Judaism, is caucasian, and attempts to appear and behave as someone black.
He is such a jigga! He is wearing his keepah, and listening to Jay-Z!
Beküldő: Jigga Pls 2005. február 22.
a name for a combonation of a nigger and a jew
tyrone goldstein is such a jigga
Beküldő: jeterblows 2005. február 15.

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