A Giant Fucking Faggot
Jacob is fucking masterpiece
Beküldő: CreeperFarmer 2016. március 18.
The nicest boy you will ever meet. He has hazel eyes that you could get lost in. He looks after all his friends and especially his girlfriend. He is the guy every girl sticks in the friendzone, except those who REALLY like him.
Margaret: Look at the new boy
Emily: Oh my gosh, he is such a Jacob!!
Beküldő: Jamily01280330 2016. március 11.
Biggest fuckboy In school. Doesn't care about girls feelings and uses them for sex and money. Gets blowjobs under bridges and fucks girls in woods. Has herpes. Republican. Worships shrek. Every girl needs to stay away from a Jacob. STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM HIM.
Girl 1: Omg you see that boy Jacob?? he's so hot
Girl 2: ew no stop he's such a fuckboy

Girl 1: what's his ig tho??
Girl 2: @jp.wts just be careful
Beküldő: spaghetti o's 2016. június 26.
A big faggot who thinks the whole world revolves around him but it doesn't and should kill him self
Dude your being a jacob
Beküldő: upbeatdeathblade12 2016. május 19.
A boy who will love you unconditionally, forever. He's an amazing guy, but has shitty habits and friends. He sucks at texting back, but when you're together in person you're happier than ever. He has trouble filtering himself, but it's ok. It's difficult to feel the same about him for more than 24 hours.
"I fucking hate Jacob so much-- Wait, he's being sweet now.."
Beküldő: im.insignificant 2015. augusztus 31.
fucking retard
jacob is a fucking retard
Beküldő: 240saregayasfuck 2015. szeptember 19.
a piece of shit
You know Jacob?
Yeah hes a piece of shit
Beküldő: Is it hi or hey? 2015. május 13.
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