fucking retard
jacob is a fucking retard
#jacob #240 #slow #retard #gay
Beküldő: 240saregayasfuck 2015. szeptember 19.
a piece of shit
You know Jacob?
Yeah hes a piece of shit
#shit #poop #annoying #brat #annoy
Beküldő: Is it hi or hey? 2015. május 13.
A user and abuser. Doesn't care much about others feelings, only his own. Child molester and creep. Liar, cheater, sleaze, and a filthy animal. No loyalty to his friends or to anyone close to him. Super arrogant even though he's not all that special whatsoever.
On the news I saw this man who was wanted for raping multiple children. He's such a Jacob!
Beküldő: Pussay 2016. május 9.
An immature freak with no sense of knowledge. He gropes and harasses others. Normally makes immature perverted jokes.
Beküldő: Anonymous1.13 2016. március 21.
A annoying guy with a disgusting nose and face
Ahh run for your live!!! It's a Jacob!!!
Beküldő: A rando dude 2016. március 28.
A pothead alcoholic who is a slacker but still nice .
That guy is such a Jacob!
Beküldő: Random2322 2015. december 21.
A person with qualities that make him extremely fucking gay just an abundance of homosexuality balled up into one person who can only be described as one of the munchkins from the wizard of oz. Also extremely fucking gay, and short as shit, and likes horse cock in his bumbhole.
That jacob sure is a queer
Yeah, he's pretty big bitch and is really fucking short.
#fag #gay #midget #still gay #pussy.
Beküldő: B63 2015. szeptember 27.
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