a piece of shit
You know Jacob?
Yeah hes a piece of shit
Beküldő: Is it hi or hey? 2015. május 13.
fucking retard
jacob is a fucking retard
Beküldő: 240saregayasfuck 2015. szeptember 19.
A boy who will love you unconditionally, forever. He's an amazing guy, but has shitty habits and friends. He sucks at texting back, but when you're together in person you're happier than ever. He has trouble filtering himself, but it's ok. It's difficult to feel the same about him for more than 24 hours.
"I fucking hate Jacob so much-- Wait, he's being sweet now.."
Beküldő: im.insignificant 2015. augusztus 31.
Jacob is a hot, really nice, really friendly, and christian guy. he has many friends and is love by many. he ia that kid that others trust with alot. He is the nicest guy ever.
Jacob is amazing
Beküldő: mari mai 2015. augusztus 16.
a jacob is a man that usually lives in texas, they are usually complete scrubs who play computer games often, they are usually nice decent people but may have trouble acting normal in group scenarios.
guy 1: you see that jacob on the server?
guy 2: oh yeah he is such a scrub right?
Beküldő: the best mofo 2015. április 17.
Usually Jewish and has a very large nose
Dang, that Jacob has a huge nose
Beküldő: Kuku cachoo 2015. április 4.
the guy who has a cross up his ass all the time and who cant keep his mouth shut because he has a dick in it 24/7
Jessi: Jacob lets try anal!
Jacob: *pulls out cross*
Beküldő: kiki the firefighter number 2 2015. április 11.

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