a jacob is a man that usually lives in texas, they are usually complete scrubs who play computer games often, they are usually nice decent people but may have trouble acting normal in group scenarios.
guy 1: you see that jacob on the server?
guy 2: oh yeah he is such a scrub right?
Beküldő: the best mofo 2015. április 17.
Usually Jewish and has a very large nose
Dang, that Jacob has a huge nose
Beküldő: Kuku cachoo 2015. április 4.
This guy is a complete faggot everyone hates him because it always sounds like he is choking on a big fat cock, this guy needs to grow up and admit the fact that he is gay before he commits sucide.
Shut the fuck up jacob!
Beküldő: I hate your 2015. május 5.
the guy who has a cross up his ass all the time and who cant keep his mouth shut because he has a dick in it 24/7
Jessi: Jacob lets try anal!
Jacob: *pulls out cross*
Beküldő: kiki the firefighter number 2 2015. április 11.
a dick, who has no friends
John is acting like a Jacob, a dick with no friends
Beküldő: hulk1823 2015. március 31.
He's gay....and never home
Look at Jacob, gay cunt, oh wait: He's not even home
Beküldő: Benjahman 2015. március 13.
Biggest dickhead that goes to your school. Talks shit behind your back, hates all girls, and gives people stinkeyes for no reason but because he doesn't have a life. Often tries to skip class and complains when he gets expelled from the class. Lies about not taking drugs are smoking because he thinks everyone in the school is a fucking idiot. The kind of kid that drinks behind the school and expects not to get caught.
Cute girl: "Hi Jake!"
Jacob: "Fuck off, you attention whore."
Beküldő: RainingRaisins 2015. február 19.

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