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say it out and you will see it actually means "jack it"
where "jack" refers to jacking (off), and "it"...well, use your imagination
"you suck"
"jacket retard"
Beküldő: SuperWay 2006. augusztus 6.

a slang term used by whiteys for "negros" or "niggers"

origin: started by some gay white kids in san antonio when they were too afraid to say "nigga"

Damn man, that jacket is taaallll!!!!

Those damn Jackets are loud!
Beküldő: tha_original_jacket 2006. május 27.
The couple name of Jack and Juliet on the ABC program LOST.
Jacket is alright, but Jate is fate.
Beküldő: janmgii 2007. április 11.
a silly arsehole with no damn life outside of drugs :P
woot! theres jacket with a needle in his eye and e's coming out his ears
Beküldő: Phobia 2004. augusztus 23.
a girl that i like
hey jacket, jack it
Beküldő: Some who likes jacket 2003. december 29.