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An Italian Hanger is a sexual postion where the woman lies with her back or shoulders supported by a bed or similiar object while the man holds her up by her hips and vigorously thrusts himself into her.
Instead of bying that new exercise machine, Luke decided to burn calories by engaging in several Italian Hangers a day.
Beküldő: Italian_Stallion 2005. november 29.
1339 273
A sexual position involving the man kneeling while holding the woman's thighs on either side of his hips, as she is on her back.
Tim's favourite position is the Italian Hanger.
Beküldő: Cooks 2005. november 20.
320 392
Form of having sex in which the girl does a head stand and the guy takes care of business. Don't ask how...
Mike likes to bang italian hanger style.
Beküldő: Whitney and JENNY 2005. szeptember 15.
411 656