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A descriptive form for describing someone who is acting wimpy or like a Canadian.
Zoyd is totally an ironic guy.
Beküldő: Nevis 2007. augusztus 20.
An adjective to describe the opposite of something expected.
It was ironic that no black people died in the X-Men movie, given that it was a Sci-fi movie.
Beküldő: AYB 2003. március 20.
adj: possesing irony
like when a clown dies
Beküldő: reese millican 2004. március 31.
being ironic is not just being sarcastic, being sarcastic is just making a cutting remark, being ironic is saying the oposite of what is meant, say you had an argumant with a girl and said something bad and she ran out of the room, being sarcastic i would say something like
"that wasnt a good thing to say was it"
but if i was being ironic i would say something like
"well you've certainly made her happy"
i did my examples above so read them
Beküldő: the fresh prince 2005. január 30.
something that happens with irony.
it is ironic that i had sex at the same time my best friend did.
Beküldő: samuel j. f. 2005. december 11.