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ok, alright
I'll call u up 2nite iight
Beküldő: Shawtie 2003. április 22.
ok,yes,alright,yea.slang version of ok
my momma said you can come over my house today ,iight
Beküldő: breshell 2004. április 15.
slang - used in place of "Alright" most commonly used in the New York area
*Secondary Spelling - Ite
Dude, you wanna come over later?
Iight, sounds good to me
Beküldő: Cheesemonsta 2007. szeptember 25.
iight- alright;cool;sure
1) iight then thnxz
2) iight with me
3) person 1: itz all good
person 2: haha iight then
Beküldő: anonymousasian 2004. április 4.
ok, thats cool
iight, sounds fun
Beküldő: hayhay 2003. november 3.
referring to something as being cool or ok
"did you see her ass?"
"yea, it was iight"
Beküldő: FinestPowder 2009. március 30.
A phrase continously repeated by Schlap. Often most used as he prepared for inspection, given that his shit's got to be right.
I'ight, I'ight, I'ight!
Beküldő: The Schwartz 2004. április 25.