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People that put a persons political views or personal beliefs in the definition of idiot.
I think (insert political preference here) is an idiot.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. július 7.
the people who come to & try to sound badass, but can't spell & end up looking like fools!
Did u read what that idiot wrote!?!
Beküldő: khalee! 2003. június 27.
A person who accepts responsibility for a siuation or enterprise that they know nothing about.
Wayne Harris is an idiot for attempting to run the Eckerd Corporation.
Beküldő: ANON 2003. április 26.
Plural for idiot
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. február 8.
Anyone who thinks that something impossible could happen
You're an idiot if you think you're going to survive a jump from a plane without a parachute
Beküldő: west2019 2014. június 19.
Half of the people on this thing. People who keep the awesome words/phrases out of UD and the absolutely stupid and PATHETIC ones in it. These people are usually dumb.

verb: being an idiot

plural: idiots

Once apon a time, there was an idiot who thought he was cool. But little did he know that he was an idiot and he sucked, so he backed down. The End
Beküldő: No One Shall Know. 2014. január 24.
a stunt without formal training or certificate.
Example of an Idiot: All examples died.
Beküldő: Rockclimber 2014. január 18.