Prounouced: eye-deeyot. Someone who has difficulty navigating simplified electronic interfaces like the iPod.

We had to place him with the other i-diots for he failed to operate something as simple as an electronic timer.
Beküldő: Wyrd 2007. augusztus 13.
George W Bush
Person: You're such a George w Bush!!!
Person 2: huh???
Person: You're an idiot!!
Person 2: oh
Beküldő: 3plus3equal6 2007. augusztus 7.
someone who needs to look this word up
you are an idiot if you need to look up idiot
Beküldő: arminshirazi 2007. május 20.
A stupid person and if you don't know what stupid means then you're an idiot.
- Hey! What does stupid mean?
- You're an idiot.
Beküldő: Vx. 2007. január 21.
Someone who is doing something very stupid that they will probably regret later. See also: George Bush
Why Are you stuffing sparklers up your butt? You are such an idiot
Beküldő: BOBBERT CHEESE 2006. június 23.
A guy who thinks its fun to run into a wall with a trash can on his head.
god danm that guy is such an idiot
Beküldő: Matty.D 2006. április 26.
(n.) Someone that is reading this definition at this exact moment
You are an idiot for looking up the word "idiot"
Beküldő: Anonomous Boi 2006. március 21.

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