Nickname given to the North American F-100 Super Sabre, the first American combat aircraft to break the sound barrier in level flight.
Beküldő: JonathanChance 2003. szeptember 29.
Something that everyone must say to everyone on completion of Lobotomy when joining Lycos Chat - when you progress to use it in the real world two you've got a very large problem...
Hi Huun Babes Hun how are you Hun ok Hun? Hello anyone listening to me.....?
Beküldő: Beouffy 2003. július 28.
Donasaurous Rex's word
Hun is just owned by Donasaurous Rex. Live with the pain
Beküldő: Donasaurous Rex 2005. április 28.
What I call everyone
"Hi hon!"
Beküldő: Christy 2003. február 11.
A proud protestant or a German. A rangers supporter that will always love his country.

Not a fond lover of catholic's. as he would say "fenian"
Fenian: What are you lookin at hun.
Hun: Go back and spend ur euros u dirty fenian.
Beküldő: vodman 2007. október 26.
bitch. or a demaining way to adress another human.
are you all set hun?
Beküldő: joeski 2004. március 9.
a protestant from Northern Ireland, usually more educated than the average taig and normally aren't as millyish.
Support Rangers, Hate Celtic, Usually broad minded, Prod Schools are normally better.
King William of Orange 1690, Protestant and the Pope even new he was the better candidate.
12th of July, get to Belfast Fucking Class
Aye all those Huns go round Belfast having a class time on the 12th
Beküldő: wee mee =D 2008. január 6.

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