A derogatory name for a black person.
"Malcolm X is thought by many southerners to be a stupid hun."
Beküldő: Gangster Nation 2008. április 21.
Nickname given to the North American F-100 Super Sabre, the first American combat aircraft to break the sound barrier in level flight.
Beküldő: JonathanChance 2003. szeptember 29.
Something that everyone must say to everyone on completion of Lobotomy when joining Lycos Chat - when you progress to use it in the real world two you've got a very large problem...
Hi Huun Babes Hun how are you Hun ok Hun? Hello anyone listening to me.....?
Beküldő: Beouffy 2003. július 28.
Donasaurous Rex's word
Hun is just owned by Donasaurous Rex. Live with the pain
Beküldő: Donasaurous Rex 2005. április 28.
What I call everyone
"Hi hon!"
Beküldő: Christy 2003. február 11.
A proud protestant or a German. A rangers supporter that will always love his country.

Not a fond lover of catholic's. as he would say "fenian"
Fenian: What are you lookin at hun.
Hun: Go back and spend ur euros u dirty fenian.
Beküldő: vodman 2007. október 26.
bitch. or a demaining way to adress another human.
are you all set hun?
Beküldő: joeski 2004. március 9.

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