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to much respect for a girl after shagging her which means you wont "kiss and tell"
word on the street is u shagged that gal? na man got to much hucks for her to chat about it!
Beküldő: merch12345678910 2011. november 22.
1 1
To sanitize a great literary work to conform with the politically correct language of the day.
I hear they are removing the "N" word from the school versions of Huckleberry Finn. What will they HUCK up next - take all the curse words out of Catcher In The Rye?
Beküldő: Braised Cod 2011. január 6.
1 1
A proper noun. The Canadian version of the german last name Huche. Possibly the most rad last name a person can possess.
"Who was that guy"
"They call him Huck, I believe"
"Damn girl, gotta me some of that"
Beküldő: Michael Huck 2007. december 20.
10 10
This is a biking "style" there while in the air, you realize you are going to land flat. Like when jumping stairs or smaller dirt jumps. You hit the ground and let out a yell that sounds like "huck" or "hork." Try jumping down a set of... say 8 or 9 stairs on a hardtail and guaranteed you will probably make this noise.
huck! ah, damn my tires popped.
Beküldő: -Generic- 2007. június 22.
1 1
To nag, annoy or otherwise bother.

Apparently dervived from Yiddish, seems to be used in the NE USA.
Don't huck me about my work. Stop hucking me about doing my chores.
Beküldő: Bill68Bos 2007. június 6.
7 7
Random outburst of flemish excitement or pspness
Hucking. also pronounced huagh as in "huagh huagh"
Beküldő: Ipper 2008. május 24.
2 3
a long pass to the endzone in a game of frisbee.
Damn Dan just caught and tight huck.
Beküldő: bellatrix 2004. augusztus 14.
19 20