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a greeting used primarily in the southern part of the U.S. Short for "How do you do?"
The man said,"Howdy" to the lady.
Beküldő: MacTheHero 2003. április 9.
A greeting. A friendly, country way of saying Hello.
"Howdy," said the farmer as she greeted her neighbor.
Beküldő: Athene Airheart 2004. március 30.
1. A greeting you hear a whole lot in Texas!
2. If you don't get a howdy in Texas you must be deaf!
3. Hello in Texas is Howdy!
Howdy from the people of Texas!
Beküldő: Texan 2003. március 2.
The official greeting of Texas A&M University.
"Howdy Damn it!" - popular bumber sticker
Beküldő: Craig Pickett 2005. február 21.
A greeting among the south/south-western states, mostly known as a Texan saying. Meaning: Hello, how's your day?
Howdy neighbor?

Howdy Santi?
Beküldő: munecaratonsita 2012. október 28.
a non-formal greeting
howdy, what up in the butt?
Beküldő: Dr. Buttram 2009. március 31.
howdy form of hello mainly used in America however sed by people in Scarborough aswel.
e.g Howdy berni u ok?
Beküldő: lauren 2005. április 10.