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A very attractive person; can be either male or female.
John and Ruth are two major hotties at our school.
Beküldő: WindWaker68 2004. július 22.
2018 457
a boner inducing female
Mayra is such a hottie, She's so beautiful and has big bouncy titties
Beküldő: esjay 2004. december 7.
1971 702
n. A female who is deliciously sexy; Erotically and arousingly attractive. One who is able to make men burn with desire.
In two words.....Susie Novak
Beküldő: Jake 2004. február 25.
989 392
Slang term used originally to describe a sexually attractive woman. Originally coined by rapper Kool Moe Dee in his 1987 track "Go See the Doctor" (Source: Oxford Historical Dictionary of American Slang). In the hip-hop community, the term originally was only applied to females, and still does to this day, but the term was later adopted by white American teens to describe both attractive young males and females.
"Pump it, hottie. Pump it, pump it hottie."

- Redhead Kingpin from Redhead Kingpin and the FBI's 1989 rap song "Pump It Hottie", about ladies doing their thing on the dancefloor.
Beküldő: D.L. Crosse 2007. január 22.
511 173
A male or female that is sexually desirable to a male/female. Whether through a personality or physical appearance.
Sean-Look at my awesome six pack Robin and Kayli!
Robin and Kayli-Wow, what a nice six pack, you are such a HOTTIE!
Sean-Heck yeah, its all natural.
Beküldő: Whompy Whomperson 2005. november 18.
554 264
meaning good lookin, very attractive or sexy
yo bro, whos da hottie over there
Beküldő: ric 2005. március 4.
361 126
A very good looking male or female!!!! sexy, fine. appealing
Troyana is a major hottie.
yo, whos that hottie walkin over here ?
Beküldő: Troyana 2006. augusztus 28.
301 121