Top Definition
A very attractive female.
Linda is such a hot chick.
Beküldő: Scott 2004. május 31.
A woman who will not have sex with you.
The hot chick rejected my offer of sexual intercourse, and called me ugly.
Beküldő: Rainsdark 2003. január 29.
A hot hot girl or woman
Marissa is such a Hot Chick. I want to do her.
Beküldő: eura phagg 2006. december 27.
A chick who gets whatever she wants just cause of the way she looks, sounds and acts.

Gets gawked at a lot in public and has men giving her anything she wants the minute they see her.

There's usually a crowd of people complimenting her or surrounding her when she goes out or walks down the street.

Can get any rank of men from the lowest to the highest most powerful.

A true hot chick will not have to worry about money cause she'll probably be taken care of by guys by age 22. As in given huge amounts. If money does happen to run out you know there's always someone else who's willing to step up.
Amy is a true hot chick.
Beküldő: 903fe 2010. május 3.
1)chick who is hot
2)attractive female
3)see wordRAcaseal/word}
Beküldő: Cpt.Bob 2003. október 18.
Like a good carpenter, no wood is wasted
nice rack on that hot chick
Beküldő: 13OGUS 2008. április 22.
somebody who is already taken
dude, i saw this hot chick at this bar but when i decided ask her outh her boyfriend came
Beküldő: a person123 2008. január 17.
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