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A school where you can get the best education in the country. Founded in 1660! Near Yale. Many rich children go there.
Hopkins has a Lovely campus which is located on a hillside.
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Beküldő: Sarahhhhhhhh phh 2006. április 20.
Quite possible the most amazing prep school in the world.
-goegeous new england campus
-brilliant teachers
-small student body
-everything that anyboday would ever want in a prep school

Although it is considered the underdog to its rivals (seeing as though it is only a day school) Hopkins is AMAZING
S: I didnt get into Hopkins.
P: No one gets into Hopkins. Its to good.
H: HAHAHAHAH i did. Cuz im brilliant...
#hop #amazing #new england #prep #boarding school #day school #hopkins school
Beküldő: ILUVHOP 2010. január 2.
This is one of the best known names in the streets and the boxing ring ........ to pull a hopkins is to beat down your opponent like the man himself Bernard Hopkins. All should fear gettin a hopkins.

Damn dat dude just got a hopkins
SHit his face looks like he got a hopkins

#merck #beat down #jacked #wasted #smoked
Beküldő: Meight1FO 2006. július 18.
Hopkins is the best place to live in Minnesota. Close enough to the cities...yet in the burbs, so you get a good sense of family. Great schools and a cute main street. Hopkins is not snobby like Edina or EP and not too ghetto like MPLS or St. louis park. It's the perfect middle ground.
Hopkins kid :We like to call it "hodge":
#minnesota #edina #minnetonka #hopkins #best
Beküldő: Irishflower 2006. július 29.
the nick name for somebody who has a particularly bouncy walk
'look at old hopkins over there'
#hopkins #walking #hopping #hop #hobble
Beküldő: James Fairclough 2009. május 1.
1. A child who sells drugs in degraded areas.
2. A young assistant or apprentice.
1. The hopkin on the behind the dumpster offered me various types of narcotics.

2. I just hired a hopkin to help with some fieldwork. He seems very motivated!
#young #assistant #child #drug #dealer
Beküldő: MangoDwarf 2009. június 9.
Another name for swag, but only people who have it can say it.
Dang, that person has a lot of hopkin.
#swag #boss #hopkin #regula #degula
Beküldő: hopkin101 2012. január 16.
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