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Sweet tender spotted across the room (female)that presents herself in such an unresistable manner. Good enough to eat and even better to take home to momma. A lady at all cost. Female. Lady.
A classy young lady that always presents herself as a lady in any given situation. Always smells good, looks good and taste good.
Beküldő: Nicole 2003. december 7.
528 109
1.A honey dip is your main chick your ryda chick who is with you through thick and thin

2. your main chick on the side
1.I got me a lovely chick,I got me a slutty chick, I got em all but my favorite one is my honey dip,she get drunk wit me,roll the pif up wit me,throw singles at ova hoes in the strip club wit me ---- JUELZ SANTANA
Beküldő: EBEZE 2005. november 10.
545 215
Fine young females with a sexy body and pretty face.
Hey man, where the honey dips at?

Damn, baby was a honey dip.
Beküldő: kaycee17 2011. június 19.
167 18
Yo, where da honeydips at?
Beküldő: kperk 2011. november 12.
63 8
Sexy women.
"Where the Honey Dips at?!"
Beküldő: Kaycombz 2011. november 26.
43 14
1.A honey dip is your main dude/chick, your ride or die dude/chick who is with you through thick and thin...

2. your main dude/chick on the side.
"Yo where the honey dips at?"- Tyler, the Creator (She Video)

Honey dip basically means a person who you chill with and could have benefits with regardless of you being in a relationship.
Beküldő: yeawolfgang 2011. június 28.
72 54
your main chick on the side, she'll always be there but knows she ain't wifey. a frequent booty call
man i call my honey dip when i can't find a date she always down to ride.
Beküldő: bjealous 2007. július 29.
141 133