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epic fail when trying to spell homie
loser: yo whatsup holmie?
reallycoolkid: what?! 'holmie'?! no... epic fail.
Beküldő: anita morehead 2009. március 7.
Holmes or dog or G but Holmie with the accent
Sup my holmie What you doing holmie dawg G
Beküldő: Fogat 2008. január 28.
An avid Sherlock fan (BBC Television Series based on the Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle)
Friend 1: "OMG, Sherlock & Watson should SO get together!"
Friend 2: " *eyeroll* You are such a Holmie."
Beküldő: Penguinsdontfly 2012. február 29.
Friend of a friend. Little holmes. Your Homeboys Lady. A Clown that will hit you with a stuffed sock. i.e. Holmie don't play that.
What up with little Holmie.
Beküldő: edwarde 2006. április 28.