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A little fat kid taking a shit.
"There's a hogie in the pool!"
Beküldő: Drew 2004. július 18.
A noob who is pro at adding custom items and Is known to use Ubuntu. "Hogie's" are also pro at HTML and JAVA, however their intellect is minescule.
"Let me join the dev team for enchanta my dad is a database admin"
"Wow you're such a hogie lel"
#noob #html #java #hogie #lel
Beküldő: Hogie2 2014. március 31.
The space between the chicks legs, of her upper/inner thighs. The space may only be measured by the number of fingers which can be fit between this space. The hand must be flat with fingers together at the time of measuring (the more fingers the better). Any more than a whole hand the chicks a whore.
Fuck dawg, did you see that chick's Hogie. It was at least 4-wide.

Man, she's ridiculously hot, she's got at least a 3-finger Hogie.
#hogie #fingers #more the better #upper thighs #inner thighs #chicks #lady #slut #whore
Beküldő: Meatman351 2011. január 8.
A light yet firm grab of the buttocks.
"Jenny was mad at me for giving her a firm hogie last night."
#ass grab #butt grab #grab-ass #hand butt #hand-fulla-tush
Beküldő: agsfsdfasdf 2008. augusztus 2.
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