Canada's game (need I say more...)
Team Canada wins the gold against Team USA with 12 minutes & 20 seconds left in overtime (thanks to the MIRACLE goal scored by Crosby) on Februrary 28th at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Thus Canada has earned 14 gold medals in total (breaking a former record held by the former Soviet Union for 13 gold medals at the 1976 Innsbruck Olympics).

hockey is Canada's game, don't get it twisted!
Beküldő: ae123456 2010. február 28.
A stick and puck game played on ice.
I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.
Beküldő: sukebe 2006. december 14.
the greatest fuckin' game on earth.
and on the seventh day, God created hockey
Beküldő: proudtobethatguy 2015. április 28.
for the sexiest, most bad ass, irish and canadian beer drinking, iron stomach, violence prone son of a bitches ever.
Beküldő: bonniebruinsboston 2009. július 2.
the best damn sport ever
you have to be fast, make quick descions, have hand eye coordination, balance, you gotta be strong and so much more

Twirl Girl: Why on Earth do you play hockey?

Girl who plays Hockey: I don't know I refuse to look like a cheerleader on ice

Twirl Girl: Hmmph..
Beküldő: hockey girl for life 2009. február 16.
Only the best sport in the history of Earth. It is especially enjoyed by Canadians. Americans think they can play it, but they can't and never will. Canada RULES THE HOCKEY WORLD. Watch Hockey Day In Canada.
Canada winning Gold in the 2002 Olympics in both Mens and Womens hockey.
Beküldő: mizzhockeystar 2005. december 26.
The greatest sport on the planet, end of story
hockey is the best!
Beküldő: sensfan 2013. március 9.

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