A game that lots of men love because it is very violent and pointless.
For some reason Canada is also always linked to it. As are missing teeth and blood.
Fun, huh?
Dude, that guy is missing alot of teeth!
It's cause he plays hockey!
Beküldő: Bekiweki 2009. augusztus 21.
To prove that whites ARE better than blacks.
damn, look at the white hockey player.
Beküldő: MMMRRRAAAWWWWRRRR 2008. október 12.
Sport that is the Canadian version of soccer. Was cool in the 1980s but now is the taint of the sports universe. More white people play/attend games than Neo Nazi meetings. Impossible to watch on TV due to the impossible task of seeing the puck, even in HD. Half of all games used to end in ties; now they end in shootouts, making them now as lame as soccer. Only entertaining part of games is when players fight, which are all scripted anyway, thus setting hockey behind NASCAR, where at least 30-hillbilly pileups are spotaneous.
Hockey is so lame, more people care about Paris Hilton's genital warts.
Beküldő: Leandro Washington 2010. február 24.
A "sport" for fags who would be roller blading if it was warmer. Mostly played by Russians and Canadians.
Canadian: "OMG! Did you see that hockey game last night?!"

American: "Was it even broadcast?"
Beküldő: Dee8019 2009. december 14.
A sport only enjoyed by Canadians
Hows aboot that hockey game there eh?
Beküldő: Delandre 2008. április 15.
it's about drinkin and fightin
hey let's get drunk and play hockey
Beküldő: smokin a fatty an' drinkin a beer 2005. szeptember 18.
Some sort of rudimentary sport where white Catholic players are armed with sticks and beat the shit out of each other. I think it is still played in the north somewhere. Since afro's are too smart to live up there where it's too cold to screw, the contests are rarely shown on TV, especially when there's a golf tournament somewhere.
He: "I tell ya, that Wayne Gretzky is the greatest athlete of all time!"

She: "That's 'cause Afro's don't play hockey.
Beküldő: hoze-a 2006. október 15.

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