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A word Santa Clause says three times when he sees your wife, mother and sister together in the same room.
Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas!
Beküldő: Alfie The Horndog 2005. július 18.
19742 6429
Prostitute, Whore, Hooker, Tramp, Slut
Beküldő: coatl 2003. május 8.
9532 6102
(noun): Anyone who dehumanizes themselves by selling their soul to others. The term can be applied to either a man or a woman or--as in the case of <Anne Coulter>--both.
Anne Coulter: You two ladies look awfully interesting. Are you Indians?
Woman #1: Yes, I'm a Navajo.
Woman #2: I'm an Arapahoe.
Anne Couter: What a coincidence! I'm a right-wing ho!
Beküldő: Vermont Ferret 2005. február 12.
6024 3954
fine-ass,dick-sucking,cock-loving females.
eyy nigga, check dem hoes out
Beküldő: jigga-nigga 2003. október 5.
1980 896
slutty females
they go out of their way to have sex, or other sexual activities purely for attention
Beküldő: Kelly 2003. december 22.
1144 696
Garden tools. Also, a term used by most dumb teenagers used to describe girls who engage in sexual conduct.
"Hey, the new freshmen are major hoes. Man I'm gonna tap them asses."

"See these hoes? Put 'em back in the toolshed when you finish using them."
Beküldő: ted zeppelin 2005. március 27.
862 636
like the local bike, everyone has had a ride!
there's a ho in my class....i swear she wants my man! arg.. :P
Beküldő: bread head 2006. július 16.
983 818