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Head Motha Fucka In Charge. The boss; someone not to be reckoned with. Used to denote, usually in jest, that a person is in charge of a situation.
The coach is the HMFIC. What he says, goes.
Beküldő: The HMFIC 2006. január 4.
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Head Mutha Fucka In Charge
I need to speak to the H.M.F.I.C!
Beküldő: Jackalman 2007. december 4.
Head Mother Fucker in Charge
Obama is the HMFIC of the USA.
Beküldő: NCacalack 2009. július 11.
Head Mutha Fucka In Charge. Similar to H.N.I.C
I need ta speek to the H.M.F.I.C.
Beküldő: Jackalman 2007. november 11.
head mother fucker in charge... boss , forman,...
so whos the h.m.f.i.c around here any way
Beküldő: saulyn 2008. október 30.
head mother fudger in charge
Steve: Who's Larry?
Raul: He runs that chocolate shop on 3rd street -- he's the HMFIC!
Beküldő: CraigersMcCraigers 2008. július 10.
acronym for Head Mother Fucker In Charge, usually used when referring to an incompetent boss or leader.
"that dumbass is the HMFIC of the company."
Beküldő: Cunjo 2004. július 22.

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