Hit Man Family
a gang created under a group of crips in 1995 under abz and efcc members in long beach california

expanded to oregon and washington
hyt man family 3814 "hmf"
Beküldő: youngwidow 2010. június 15.
a term indicating indignation
how can you say that to me? hmf!
Beküldő: abee 2006. szeptember 20.
"Holy mothafuckin' shit" State of extreme shock.
"HMFS, I can't believe she said that to you!!"
Beküldő: Chrmingrl 2006. december 22.
Holy. Mother. Fucking. Shit.

Used as an acronym for a state of extreme shock
Beküldő: Lalagurrrrl 2011. január 2.
High Maintenance Female...any woman, not girl, that is high maintenance. she takes a great deal out of anyone who she accumpanys.

~source-Whitney R.
god damn she is an H.M.F.
Beküldő: the one letter guy 2005. március 28.
hungery mother fucker
A: uhhh im starving

B: shut the fuck up you HMF
Beküldő: hungerymotherfucker 2011. december 21.
1. Horny Mother Fucker.
2. a name given to those that cannot keep it in their pants.
3. one that is extremely enthusiastic about anything and everything related to sex and/or sexual pleasure.
"Who is that girl? She's been getting dirty on the dancefloor all night."

"Oh, thats just KCoop, shes such an HMF."
Beküldő: number1hmf 2009. november 22.
HMFS - Helt mother fucking sinnes

Swedish way of saying you had a crazy wild night out or that your really really looking forward to a party your going to you know will be insane
- How was the night out?

- HMFS!!!!!
Beküldő: llegends 2011. október 29.

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