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Derived from the baseball term, in which a player hits a home run, triple, double, and single, in one game, To Hit for the cycle is to become romanticaly involved with a Woman, Shemale, and Man over the period of a week, usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is usually easier for Bisexual men to hit for the cycle as bisexual women have a hard time finding a shemale to have sex with them.

However, it should not be made known that you are trying for the cycle as respect for others should be taken into consideration.

An assisted cycle is when the other people are aware of the feat at which you are attempting. This is not as impressive, as the names of all four people are placed in the record book instead of just one.
I just hit for the cycle.
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Beküldő: lounging1234louie 2010. július 30.
This phrase relates to a series of urination and bowel movement feats. The phrase is derived from the baseball term of "hitting for the cycle" where a player hits for a single, double, triple, and home run in the same game. The concept here is the same. You must "hit for the cycle" in the same house or apartment in one night. Follow the steps below to ensure you'll never be invited back to their place again:

Single: Pee off a balcony or ledge.
Double: Piss like a little kid onto a fence or wall (ex. have your pants around your ankles while you pee in public).
Triple: Urinate in a closet.
Home Run: Do an upper decker (The act of defecating in the upper tank of the toilet)
"Bruce is only a double shy of hitting for the cycle!"

"Three people have hit for the cycle at Kay's in the past two months. I don't think she's going to throw another party anytime soon."
#upper decker #pee fetish #dump sweats #challenge pissing #shitting
Beküldő: badIdeas82 2010. április 21.
from the baseball term

to complete four separate sexual acts with a girl in the same encounter

a. blowjob
b. anal intercourse
c. vaginal intercourse
d. receive rimjob
Yo, I hit for the cycle with Stacy last night.
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Beküldő: cycleguy 2012. szeptember 16.
Baseball analogy: Cumming in a woman's mouth, vagina, and ass all in one sex session.
Patrick will soon fulfill a lifelong dream, when Nicole lets him hit for the cycle all in one night.
#sex #oral #vaginal #anal #baseball
Beküldő: BeautifulPervert! 2010. július 4.
Derived from the baseball term, in which a player hits a home run, triple, double, and single, in one game, To Hit for the cycle is to become romanticaly involved with a Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, and Senior in over a set period of time, usually a week. They can be in college or in highschool, but its just much funnier if its highschool.

Also, ettiquite suggest that you do not drop standards just for the sake of completing the cycle, because when it comes to hitting for the cycle, respect and class are the key words.

! just Hit for the cycle and boy are my arms tired.
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Beküldő: LudlowXCCreatesSweetPhrases 2006. április 12.
1. The process of completing four separate bowel movements in one awake cycle; between the time of waking and the time of falling asleep
2. Taking 4 shits in one day
Guy 1: Did you just go to the bathroom again?
Guy 2: Yeah, I just hit for the cycle today.
Guy 1: What the hell is wrong with your ass?
#shitting #pooing #bowel movements #hitting for the cycle #dropping kids off at the pool
Beküldő: Duffington 2007. december 3.
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