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term for the combination of hindi, punjabi and english language - the language Hinglish.
words lik kharabshit pukka hunna etc are all in language of hinglish
Beküldő: **Kir@n** 2007. január 14.
A language created from the Hindi, Punjabi and English languages.
Words like: Pukka, Hunna, Bhenchood, Kharabshit, Kidah are all in the language of Hinglish
Beküldő: **Kir@n** 2007. január 13.
Hinglish is a concatenation of "Hindu" and "English". It is the dialect, and accent spoken by Indian nationals (see 'dots').
Call any major credit card company, and chances are, their customer service is outsourced to India. You will experience Hinglish first hand.

"today morning" instead of "this morning"
Beküldő: NinjaL3rK 2005. május 17.