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Short term for marijuana, also, a type of shop specializing in the sale of drug related paraphenalia
I went to the hed shop to pick up a bong.
Beküldő: SothThe69th 2003. augusztus 20.
HED (PE) a talented rap/rock artist, who knows how to party.
(not for goth faggots who think all rap sucks)
shalala here it comes again
shalala here it comes again
what a crazy life
-hed pe
Beküldő: shoeless joe 2003. augusztus 19.
oral sex
Sharry gave Sam hed
Beküldő: ryan 2003. augusztus 16.
a hard rock band
hed (PE)
Beküldő: penis mcgee 2003. augusztus 15.
1. Lingo, slang writing for spelling "head". As in giving oral sex to a guy.

(Typically used on the internet by some lame guy who is trying to hide the fact that he cybers, so his mom won't find out.)
-"Do U Give Hed?" (notice the "U" instead of you. Also very lame.)
-"Man this girl gave me the most incredible hed ever last night!'s her number. Only cost me 3 dollars!"
Beküldő: Kanaska 2003. augusztus 15.
when you suck somebody's dick
give me hed bitch
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. április 7.
Hostile youths, gang members.
"Let's go down grove bruv."
"Nah, there's bare heds, well get jacked."
Beküldő: Luke 2004. november 12.
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