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seeing a womans nipples through a see through shirt
her headlights were shining through her shirt
Beküldő: handle 2003. augusztus 14.
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When you can see a girl's nipples through her shirt, occurring most often on rainy or cold days
(rain falling outside)
Ben: Do you know what this rain means?
Paul: No, What?
Ben: Some girls will have their headlights on today.
Beküldő: Sirk10 2008. április 21.
Breasts; boobs; tits
Damn, Dude, check out her headlights!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. augusztus 15.
set of woman's breasts
She stunned me with her headlights.
Beküldő: joespagg 2006. február 18.
1. oversized diamond earrings

2. oversized female breasts, see hooters
1. "I got my wife new headlights for her birthday."

2. "I got my wife new headlights for her birthday."
Beküldő: Joe Bone 2005. március 14.
Female breasts, or if you prefer, tits.
God, dude, did you see the head lights on her?
Beküldő: electrictoothsyndrome 2004. június 4.
The front portion of a car that emits a beam of light.
The headlights were so bright we could see the whole road.
Beküldő: Perreault 2006. december 1.

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