what I feel for you
I hate you
Beküldő: WolfMW 2004. február 25.
when u love someone, and ur nice to them and shit.. then they talk behind ur back, or act like they are the greatest thing, or just in ur face offend u like a lil bitch. then ur like damn no wonder everyone hates u!
u know at least one person u just plain hate.
Beküldő: deenie 2004. június 16.
A feeling of love, but without the nice parts. attraction avec repulsion.
if they really hate you, you feel special. Otherwise, its just strong dislike
Calan:He hates you.
Allen:He was looking through my window, when i was naked, and panting.
Beküldő: Sorrowfull Samwise 2004. február 3.
term used by bruthas in place of "discriminate." may also be used by white boys tryin to be black
"don't be hatin!"
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. augusztus 14.
The act of commiting a hostile action to someone else.
Vulgar the clown

Beküldő: D.C. 2003. július 14.
way of deniying that you love someone.
i( michelle ) really hate it ( craig)
Beküldő: stubs 2004. február 29.
A strong feeling of dislike towards someone.
That 'someone' usually means Kylie and Toria.
Person 1: Dude, do you know Kylie and Toria?
Person 2: Yeah man, I hate them.
Beküldő: MarkyO 2008. május 22.

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