Hate is somewhere man who can't stand sadness goes...
He can't stand sharing the sadness with the person he most loves and therefore burns his body with hate against his rival.
Beküldő: Suavo 2003. július 14.
when u love someone, and ur nice to them and shit.. then they talk behind ur back, or act like they are the greatest thing, or just in ur face offend u like a lil bitch. then ur like damn no wonder everyone hates u!
u know at least one person u just plain hate.
Beküldő: deenie 2004. június 16.
A feeling of love, but without the nice parts. attraction avec repulsion.
if they really hate you, you feel special. Otherwise, its just strong dislike
Calan:He hates you.
Allen:He was looking through my window, when i was naked, and panting.
Beküldő: Sorrowfull Samwise 2004. február 3.
term used by bruthas in place of "discriminate." may also be used by white boys tryin to be black
"don't be hatin!"
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. augusztus 14.
The act of commiting a hostile action to someone else.
Vulgar the clown

Beküldő: D.C. 2003. július 14.
way of deniying that you love someone.
i( michelle ) really hate it ( craig)
Beküldő: stubs 2004. február 29.
A strong feeling of dislike towards someone.
That 'someone' usually means Kylie and Toria.
Person 1: Dude, do you know Kylie and Toria?
Person 2: Yeah man, I hate them.
Beküldő: MarkyO 2008. május 22.

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