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To chill, relax, or have a good time.
A code word for "making out"
Hey what's up you want to come over to "hang out"
Beküldő: Ryan Mueller 2008. szeptember 20.
Adolescent practice of spending aimless unstructured time together with someone else, often until both people get bored enough to have sex and go their separate ways. Often confused with dating.
I hang out with Julio all the time, but he never asks me out on a date.
Beküldő: butterybunny 2014. augusztus 8.
anything from eating and sleeping to riding bikes and playing football
lets hangout.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. augusztus 8.
the act of getting high, lifted, or just plain fucked up.
Pat - Wana hang out?

James - yah lets hang out. (pulls out zig zag papers)
Beküldő: pickels802 2011. január 25.
code word for "lets go out!" or "were bf and gf cuz were hanging out"
Me and my girl are going to hang out together.Translation me and my girl are going on a date. Me and her are going to hang out at my place = me and her are going to do it at my house.
Beküldő: adefuin 2008. február 25.
usually referred to chillen wit ones friends but also can be used as code in front of ones parents to mean "lets get messed up tonight"
hey.. u wanna "hang out" or just chill?
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. november 29.
(Noun) A location where you would hang out.
Also spelled: hangout
Jeff: "What's your favorite hang out?"
Stef: "No way am I letting you know where I hang out!"
Beküldő: FunkyDuffy 2008. július 10.