Hot Ass Mess
Tyler: Look at that sexy ham walking over here
Paige: did you just call your girlfriend a ham?!
Tyler: yeah you know... Ham = Hot Ass Mess
Paige: You just called your girlfriend a mess...
Tyler: A hot one at that...
Beküldő: greynjack624 2011. március 31.
Ugly, extremely ugly.
You mess with her? Gross cuhhs that bitch is hammered . " OR " Dont talk to me, you're ham
Beküldő: kayja 2010. december 28.
Verb - To Ham
To gain weight, usually to the point of obesity.
Wow, the girl used to be so pretty, then she hammed up.
Beküldő: Thereisnoonebythisname 2010. július 19.
a Hot A$$ Mess; when something is or looks terrible
Her new hair doo is a HAM!
Beküldő: emjaye1205 2010. november 23.
Hot Ass Mess
"Can someone please help out that HAM over there?'
Beküldő: galmbitch 2010. május 18.
a simplified way of stating that something is sweet, cool, rad, or awesome. It is also loosely used for the object known as a 'Conveyor Belt' .
Where'd you get dem Nikes? Damn those are ham!
Beküldő: tonyrave69696969696 2010. március 24.
to get loud on a person or to go crazy.
"Im went ham on that girl today."
Beküldő: nilaun 2009. december 17.

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