Hory As Maori
"Hey lets get a tinny from hemi" blurted Weymouth boy 1, "ah fuck hemi hes a ham and sells shit weed" said another of the Weymouth boys.
Beküldő: old skoolar 2013. május 26.
Ham is a beautiful, cute, sexy, gorgeous, hot girl. Just a good looking girl. It's as simple as that!
Hey Frank!!! Check out that Ham over there!
Hey!! That's my Ham!

That's some Ham right there!
I'd like a piece of that Ham ;)
That was some good Ham :p
Beküldő: TheHamMan 2013. november 1.
Cut of meat from a thigh of a pig, usually cured.

Also the son of Noah.
John: Hey can you get me some ham at the grocery store?
Lana: Yeah, sure!
Beküldő: P_seudonym 2012. július 28.
cured meat from a big
I'll have to do some p90 after eating all that ham
Beküldő: ilovelondon88 2012. április 6.
pussy, vagina
Kristy is comin over tonite, Im gonna smash out that ham.

Damn shes hot, I wonder what her ham looks like.

When she takes off her pants, her ham better not look like pinata roasted beef.
Beküldő: Timothy Bryce 2011. december 29.
H.A.M = honeybadger ass motherfucker
"I went HAM on those CPC's!"
Beküldő: gerri2011 2011. december 11.
Going hard as a mother fucker
He went ham on that cheeseburger
Beküldő: Aavb 2011. október 28.
Ham is the best meat ever
My ham sandwich was great
Beküldő: Señor Steve 2011. október 21.

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