A thin piece of metal, angled or flat, that exists to attach two other pieces. Similar to a strap, but commonly with an interesting shape.
Where's Ramon's gusset? I don't know. Maybe you put it in you butt.
#metal #guset #gussett #gusett #machinery
Beküldő: insomniacsloth 2006. november 22.
O thats a nice bum, o yes she has nice gusset aswell. i plant my face in it all time (ScoTTo)
Beküldő: if u build he will cum 2003. augusztus 7.
dennis at supre
"tarz talk to the supre chick i want gusset"
Beküldő: tarz 2003. augusztus 9.
what most of the boys on #syphoned dont get thus they must talk about others pppl's incounterments....
omg such and such got some gusset....
Beküldő: lalalalalala 2003. augusztus 9.
where scotto plants his face on rachy alort
Beküldő: if u build he will cum 2003. augusztus 7.
Not to be done in toilet with mates watching,nor pines park
Beküldő: NIcholas Jones 2003. augusztus 9.
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