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An exclamation, without which one may not claim to be a Computer Science teacher.
"What was your most memorable college experience?"

"Aaaeeeehhhhh..... Gurlz!"
Beküldő: Tea Cake 2004. április 22.
16 3
Any number of hawt females that would get creeped out if they knew how much you stared at them.
"Hey dude, there's some hawt gurlz there."
"Yea, I talked to them once, not really, lolz. hawt."
Beküldő: josh stone 2005. április 12.
16 6
Sexay chiks that always want a b/f so ask them out and prepared 2 b denyied!
Gurlz;somin that luvs 2 luv but isnt a guy!
Beküldő: Sexay lil thang! 2003. március 29.
9 22