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An explosive mixture of charchoal, saltpepper and sulfur in a ratio of 75:15:10. This is used for fireworks, rocketry, and bullet propellant. Gunpowder was invented by Chinese alchemists in the 9th century AD.
Gun powder is used in fire arms.
Beküldő: werwertwgg432 2005. január 16.
Slang for powder heroin (vs. chunk or tar)
Matias: The bros and I are gonna get some gunpowder this weekend.

Cassandra: Oh, you're getting a gun?

Matias: Hell no! I don't believe in violence. I just can't afford oxys anymore.
#oxycontin #ops #opanas #percoset #heroin #tar
Beküldő: Cassandra Q 2011. október 19.
stuff that makes things go boom. invented by the Chinese.
MacGuyver will us the gun powder in this bullet to propel a lead projectile into that guard's head.
#gun #powder #explosive #chinese #guns
Beküldő: anubis839 2008. december 26.
A strong strained of herion that comes in a almost powder state.
This is gun powder, be careful.
#herion #brown #h #fudge-ripple #chieva
Beküldő: Mistic 2008. január 20.
Protein powder / Steroids used by gym-douches to add "size" to their biceps
"Hey Dude, you look ripped. You been on the gun powder again?!"
#guns #gym douche #gunpowder #roids #meat head
Beküldő: Jock_Strapz 2009. november 12.
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