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Anything on MTV and B.E.T.
Beküldő: rock fan 2003. március 6.

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b.e.t. goth mtv
A horrible type of music that goth people listen to.
What the fuck is this gunk music shit? At least the name is very appropriate for the noise that's produced.
Beküldő: rock fan 2003. április 22.
Combination of goth and punk music
Goth + punk= Gunk
Beküldő: John 2003. március 6.
GUNK=goth and punk=NOISE!

Since this god awful "music" is still part of the rock genre, it sucks!
"gunk", LOL, too funny to even deserve an insult from me. ;)
Beküldő: ROCK AND METAL SUCKS! 2003. szeptember 1.