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something you chew on when your bored in class
i've been chewing 3 pieces of gum for the past 4 periods
Beküldő: gemini18 2007. november 15.
High School Currency
Got any chewing gum?
Beküldő: Cady Herrington 2011. január 24.
Good thing that people chew. Comes in various flavors and is rubber like.
I was chewing gum yesterday.
Beküldő: Ehyharasz 2009. szeptember 25.
A classic physical gag in which one reveals a portion of their stretched scrotal skin with the misrepresentation of it being a piece of chewed "gum."
Brian asked me if I wanted a piece of "gum" last night. I can't believe I fell for that trick again.
Beküldő: sour-puss 2007. június 13.
a bachelor's toothbrush.
Ricky, who was already late to work, popped some Dentyne gum to cover up last night's halitosis.
Beküldő: Matt (dojo master) 2012. október 15.
to mess things up or mess up a situation
"she'll only gum it for us"
Beküldő: ja_me_kah 2007. június 13.
a ugly man who cant score, but touches women without their permission (he usually with large gums)
here comes gums, watch your woman
Beküldő: Beefdogg 2006. március 29.

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