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A game developed by Arc System Works and Sammy, with a non-synthesised soundtrack and characters by Daisuke Ishiwatari. Beats Street Fighter and Tekken in terms of speed.
"Play Guilty Gear now or I will rip your nipples off!"
Beküldő: Psi 2003. november 3.
greatest 2D fighting game ever
Guilty Gear is a good game.
Beküldő: El_Scorcho 2003. augusztus 28.
The GOD of 2D fighters. Don't listen to the fuckers who say we only like it for it's graphics, the gameplay is ALL that matters.
Guilty Gear raped Street Fighter into the ground.
Beküldő: Diablo the Echidna 2003. október 5.
A game in which Bridget (the posterboy of yaoi, or shota if you go by his age) is a character in.
A Random Guy - "Damn! That girl is hot I'd hit it.
Random Guy 2 - "Dude, that's a guy."
Random Guy - "I'd still hit it."
Beküldő: Heather 2005. április 15.
Best 2-D fighter to date! actually might be the best FIGHTER ever
Hay, let's play Guilty Gear and make a good name for the FGC

Sounds good!
#guilty #gear #slash #ggxx #ggxxslash #ky #sol #jam #faust #dizzy
Beküldő: kyuubi-kid 2006. augusztus 16.
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