Used to describe something sweet, or extremely cute in nature. Often similar to that of the 'chub' on a baby's cheeks.
The way that she blushed was so grubby.

OMG how grubby was it when he stayed up late for us.
#cute #chub #chubby #adorable #amicable #likeable #cuteness #love
Beküldő: Grib-Sue 2011. október 10.
A hilarious man who lives on the subway in the show Hey Arnold! The greatest television character ever. Easily.
Grubby: Get out of my house!
#lets #all #hold #hands #here #on #the #subway
Beküldő: hijklmnop 2007. január 13.
A fictional character created by the famous cartoonist J. Ashton
Grubby and Mick (the sidekick) faught heroicly.
Beküldő: Jon 2005. március 11.
an adjectivde used to describe a person who looks greasy or dirty. Grubby people are usally ethier niggers or greasy puertoricans.
WOW that greasy ass diry piece of latin Lapporte is mother fucking grubby today.
Beküldő: nigga bruce 2004. október 16.
Defining how Grubby someone is.
"Wow, that is a very grubby person. He must grubby a lot"
Beküldő: Moustafa El Kassel Schenkhuizen 2003. október 28.
Your such a Christian
Christian is Grubby
#sex #drugs #grub and roll #christian #memes
Beküldő: Christian is "Grubby" 2015. április 17.
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