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noun: food
after three straight hours of toking, we were in serious need for sum grubbin'.
Beküldő: the storm drains 2009. július 7.
chowin down some good food
Those ribs are lookin good. Ima be grubbin' in a minute.
Beküldő: J 0 K A 2006. január 3.
voracious eating
Isaac and I went over to Moms' house - there was some spaghetti on the stove. We started grubbin' as if there was no tomorrow.
Beküldő: Love Zone 2004. április 27.
Tasty food. Good eats. A delicious meal.
I love eating there, their food is grubbin.
Beküldő: Edna (c: 2008. július 10.
when a certain food or beverage has an amazing taste
That smoked salmon pizetta is grubbin'!
Beküldő: Bungalow Bill 2001. november 16.
An individual prone to constant over-eating throughout the day.
Put down the breadsticks grubbins
Beküldő: grubbins police 2014. április 15.
the act of eating grub
thanksgiving isn't thanksgiving without some good turkey grubbin'!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2001. november 17.
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